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The International Perspective on Air Pollution

Prenatal exposure to pollution raises risk of autism in kids
UK government failing legal duty on air pollution
Air pollution linked to higher risk of lung cancer and heart failure
Europe must tackle air pollution, warn UN scientists
UK air pollution: why are we only now waking up to this public health crisis?

The Sweet Acrid Poison Acrolein

What you need to know about the adverse health effects of Acrolein VOC.

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Help Improve Your Airshed

Any good articles of interest regarding Air Quality and Human health, are requested. The 20 best articles or suggestions, will be rewarded with an animated DVD called “Creating Healthy Home Environments for Kids”. This DVD was created by the Canadian Patnership for Children’s Health and Environment, and is an excellent resource for parents with young children. Thank you in anticipation of your participation in this process.

Report An Air Quality Infraction

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