Become A Member

PACHA is an organization which acts as a watchdog as well as action group, advocating, informing, educating, and researching with respect to air quality in Prince George.

As a member, you will lend your support by showing others in the community how many in Prince George care about the quality of the air. If you wish to be a more active participant, let us know what kind of applicable experience and knowledge you have and what service you feel you can provide.

An organization with a large number of members interested in improving the air quality in Prince George will be more effective when carrying out its work. Membership will allow you to participate as a volunteer at the level of your choice such as:

  • setting direction through participating on the Board and its several committees;
  • assisting in such areas as health, local air quality monitoring & reporting; public awareness programs; literature search; fundraising, etc.

How To Become A Member

There is no cost to become a member at this time.

Fill out the form below and click the “submit” button. We will respond within a few days with a PDF membership card in your name which you can print and/or store on your PED (personal electronic device).

Contact Regarding Membership Questions

If you have any questions about PACHA membership, please send us an e-mail by going to the”contact” page.